Granting Guidelines

Eligibility: Registered charities in Manitoba
The Foundation has four granting priorities:


 1. Churches

 The Foundation supports educational and social services projects and programs offered by churches of all faiths as well as non-capital repairs and replacement of some building contents in need of repair or outdated.  Certain Exceptions apply for smaller capital cost projects such as ramps, lifts and air conditioning units where there is evidence of need.

 Active Historic Churches:  Capital costs associated with restoration and maintenance, as funds permit.

 2. Nursing Homes

 The foundation provides grants for relief for the aged, centred on safety. Our focus is to encourage the use of and help fund monitored resident hallway  cameras.  We will also contribute towards quality of life enhanced programs for those diagnosed with Alzheimer.  Alzheimer is the most common type of dementia accounting for 64 percent of all dementias. We encourage you to visit:

3. Women's Medical Care Facilities Focusing on Heart Health

 Please review our Women's Heart News  pages for more information and granting options.

4.  Women's and Children's Safe Homes, and Women's and Children's Shelters in Manitoba 

The Cropo Foundation acknowledges the need to aid women and children dealing with violence and abuse.   We will support Women's  and Children's Safe Homes and shelter facilities. We will contribute as possible towards healing programs and supplies to these homes and shelters that house only Women and Children.  

 Types of Grant Applications that Qualify for Consideration

The Foundation will support: New  and existing projects within the stated granting interests of the Foundation.

Types of Grant Applications that Will Not Qualify for Consideration

The Foundation will not support:

  • Funding deficits, conferences, travel and accommodation, celebrations/special events or film/video productions.
  • General operating expenses.
  • Endowment Funds
  • Churches that have been closed, sold or repurposed, sitting idle for the most part, have no congregation, have few to no regular weekly religious services or have no to little community involvement

General Guidelines -

 Whenever possible, the Foundation would prefer to leverage its grant by either supporting a matching grant made by another organization or itself issuing such a grant.

Grants are generally at least $5,000 and no more than $50,000 per year.

There will  be a two year waiting period generally before organizations can reapply for another grant after a successful application.

Generally applications with start dates for projects  before directors meeting  will not be considered.

(updated February 7, 2024)